Secure Service Distribution Box (S_SDB)



Electrosys designs, manufactures, installs and maintains intelligent access control systems for mini sub stations. This system was designed to prevent vandalization of power meter boxes mini sub stations. The system monitors, restricts and controls access to electrical enclosures.

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Opening your SDB

  • The primary door will be opened with a user’s cellphone (missed call). The user’s cellphone number will serve as the unique key that can be set up to open the SDB.
  • The primary door will only open if the cellphone number is in the list of friendly numbers, this list can be managed remotely (using a web interface).
  • Once the primary door is open the secondary door can be opened\closed with a leaver installed in the SDB.

Closing your SDB

  • Before closing the primary door the secondary door must be closed with the leaver (same leaver used to open the secondary door), the latch door must be closed if open and the primary door must be in the closed position.
  • Once the secondary door, latch and primary door is in closed position the user can then make a second call to the SDB that will actuate the lock mechanism and the door will be locked (auto close option also available).
  • Once the door is locked the infrared alarm sensor will be activated.
  • The server will store the number, time, location and system variables (battery voltages etc.) every time the door is opened or closed.

Operating the SDB without battery or main power

  • The system will send out an AC fail alarm to users via SMS and\or email, and this event will be stored in a database. After an AC fail the system will operate from its backup battery.
  • The system will send out a LOW DC Voltage alarm via SMS and\or email if the backup battery reaches a voltage level that corresponds to 30% of its capacity. This event will also actuate the motor that opens the latch door (allowing users to supply an external 12V source).
  • Users can open a SDB with external power source via the latch opening.

Remote Operations

  • All setup and configuration can be done remotely (via WEB interface).
  • Controller firmware can be upgraded remotely (if the need arises to add new features).
  • Primary door can be opened remotely via the web interface.
  • The latch door can be opened remotely (via WEB interface).