Mini Alarm Systems



Monitor and automate your home or office with a Mini Alarm.

  • Traditional alarm system functionality.
  • Pepper gas capable.
  • Smart Phone application for monitoring and controlling the system.
  • Web application for monitoring and control.
  • Pair up to 12 wireless relays for home automation.
    • Geyser on\off
    • Garage doors
    • Gate motors
    • Lights
    • Swimming pool pump and heater
  • Connect your existing alarm system to the Mini alarm.
  • Get instant notifications of alarm events;
    • Alarm Trigger
    • Panic Button
    • AC supply status
    • Battery voltage status
    • Arm\Disarm status change
  • The system keeps track of users actions (who disarmed the system).
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Arm or disarm your alarm system from anywhere.
  • Open or close gates\doors from anywhere.