Battery Chargers


Here at Electrosys we design and manufacture a wide range of industrial battery chargers (battery tripping units). All our chargers adhere to the SANS1652 specifications and are approved by SABS.  We can also design and manufacture chargers according to a customer’s specification. Electrosys developed a state of the art monitoring and control system for BTUs that reduces maintenance cost and risk of protection failure.

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DC Output [Volt] Current Rating [Amp] Automatic Boost Charge LCD Analog Meters Earth Fault Detection
110 5-75 Yes Yes Optional Yes
120 5-75 Yes Yes Optional Yes
32 5-75 Yes Yes Optional Yes
24,12 5-75 Yes Optional Yes Optional


Chargers can be fitted with any of the following systems. Maintenance services are also available.

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Control
  • Automatic Load Testing
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • Intruder Alert System
  • Battery theft detection
  • Charger Maintenance
  • Battery Maintenance
  • GPS tracking
  • RF Input Expansion Box (Add an additional 24 wireless inputs – often used for monitoring tripping relays and substation hardware).
  • RF Relay Expansion Box (Add an additional 12 relays – used for relaying alarms through legacy SCADA systems or custom applications)
  • Pepper Gas dispenser.
  • Emergency Lights controller.


Electrosys can monitor your batteries and chargers from a control room in order to detect failures and rectify them before any damage is done (self-monitoring also possible). Electrosys will log into your BTU system once a week to test the BTU and the batteries connected to it and save a report of the system status that can help clients when an insurance claim needs to be done. Access reports, real time data and BTU controls on an easy to use web application.

Clients can subscribe to e-mail or SMS notifications and can receive the following alarms:

  • DC Over Voltage Alarm (configurable thresholds)
  • DC Under Voltage Alarm (configurable thresholds)
  • Charge Fail Alarm
  • Earth Fault Alarm
  • AC Supply Fail Alarm
  • DC Under Current Alarm (configurable thresholds)
  • DC Over Current Alarm (configurable thresholds)
  • Battery Theft Alarm
  • Vibration detection
  • Feeders Open\Closed
  • Earth Fault Trip
  • Over Current Trip
  • Incomers Open\Closed

In addition to the remote monitoring done by one of our operators the system will also do automatic monitoring and reporting 24 hours a day.


  • Daily self-check tests and reports if any faults are detected


Electrosys provides excellent after sales service. As soon as a problem is detected on your site (either by the monitoring system or by one of our technicians using the software) the system will send out emails and SMS messages to all relative parties. In addition to the email and SMS notifications Electrosys makes a phone call to the client to discuss the fault and makes an appointment with the client to send out one of our technical teams (technical teams available 24/7).


Electrosys can install and commission a BTU within a weeks’ notice.


BTUs can be paired with additional systems at any time via a wireless link.

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